We have a vision of a society that celebrates diversity, in which individuals are inspired, access their emotions, and are empowered to take their own decisions.

Sisters Grimm aims to enhance empathy, self-expression and inspiration among young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, by offering them access to high quality entertaining shows and a framework to develop their own creative activities at school.

Sisters Grimm will pilot a new schools outreach programme with up to 750 young people from schools in London during INALA’s run at the Peacock in Holborn. This pilot phase will act as a testing ground for expanding a schools programme to more venues as part of their regional UK tour in the Autumn of 2019. For both the pilot and the regional tour, this extended schools programme will sit alongside their ticket giveaway, which offers 75 tickets per performance to schools whose students experience barriers to participation throughout the UK.

The pilot offer has been developed in response to Art31’s recent report (written by a young person and commissioned by Arts Council England) about the reasons why children and young people (CYP) in the UK are less likely to get involved in the arts.

Some key findings are as follows:
• Anxiety and cost appear to be the most significant barriers to young people engaging with the arts.
• Educational institutions are the main source of arts access for young people. For less privileged young people this is often the only avenue to access relevant information and opportunities. However, many schools are not offering adequate arts activity.
• Many young people want to work in the arts, but a significant number are deterred due to concerns and misinformation about being able to make a living and a general lack of careers advice in relation to the creative industries.
• Finally, and importantly: Young people have strong opinions about the arts and their engagement that should be listened to.   


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