Local landscape paintings and bespoke score created in situ by Ella Spira MBE.

Continuing Sisters Grimm’s mission to produce work that is relevant, driven by social impact, cultural exchange, collaboration, equality, diversity, inclusion & environmental awareness.

“Having the artist’s music and narration guide me through the paintings, felt like she was holding my hand, sharing her personal experiences with only me. It was intimate, peaceful and emotional.”

Global Landscapes Singapore


This collaboration brings together two female artists; Ella Spira known for her multidisciplinary approach, celebrating underrepresented cultures, and Rebecca Toh, a Singaporean photographer working around the world, injecting emotion and storytelling into the images she creates.

Rebecca’s photographs capture the intimate moment of creation of some of the artworks for the Global Landscape Singapore series accompanied by a new piece of music composed by Ella for a fully immersive experience. Premiere unveiling took place on November 4th & 5th at Art Now, Raffles Arcade, Singapore. Please see the website news section for further information.


October 2021 ‘Shala River’, created in situ in the Albanian Alps, was gifted by the new British Ambassador of Albania, Alastair King-Smith to Prime Minister Edi Rama, marking 100 years of UK-Albania friendship; the artwork is included in Prof. Ferid Hudhri’s Albanians in World Art Encyclopaedia.

The gesture of friendship is especially poignant to Spira, a third generation holocaust survivor who having. been in Albania learnt of Besa, Albania’s code of honor, compassion, loving-kindness, hospitality and desire to help those in need, and the role Albania played in saving thousands of Jews during Nazi Invasion and the holocaust.


Aims to tackle prejudice by celebrating Arabic culture through artistic collaboration that spotlights local talents and highlights universal themes. Increases awareness of the environment & climate change by promoting conservation and lesser know natural landscapes in need of preservation.

29 November to 14 December 2021, World Premiere at Dubai Opera during the Nation’s 50th Anniversary.

Received critical acclaim, 1.8 million reach, with reviews and audience feedback praising the immersive exhibition experience and fusion of arts & cultures.

390 visitors interviewed came from 40 different countries including UAE.

The bespoke score was composed by Spira and her Muslim Arab collaborator DB Gad.

A Dance-Musical film called ‘Daughters Of The Wind Overture’ was also shown, directed by Jhenyfy Muller, based on a story by Stephen Powell, featuring the 50 paintings sharing Dubai Opera’s Main Stage alongside former Royal Ballet ballerina Pietra De Mello-Pittman, co-founder of Sisters Grimm, and singers DB Gad  and Madyan Hamza, singing in Arabic and English.

Watch an excerpt here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfb3N3y0kr8

To see some of the collection: https://ellaspiraart.com/collections/gulf/

3 NFT’s of the paintings for ‘50 for 50’ have been minted on the platform ‘Makers Place’


Daughters Of The Wind Overture Film

Shot on Dubai Opera Stage featuring ‘Global Landscapes UAE’ paintings

Spira has already captured landscapes of countries including China, France, UAE, Indonesia, Brazil, Lapland, Albania, UK, Russia and Portugal. The UAE series titled ‘50 for 50’ commemorating 50 years of the UAE’s formation, was presented at Dubai Opera as a spectacular immersive Sisters Grimm production called ‘Daughters of the Wind Overture’. The show featured music, live singing and dance as their productions are known for, incorporating the Royal Ballet heritage inherent in the company’s make up.  To read more about ‘Daughters of the Wind Overture’ click here.

For more information on the artist’s catalogue, 3D tour of 50 for 50 at Burj Khalifa music & art studio and filming at Dubai Opera please leave your email below.