50 for 50

’50 for 50 Private View and NFT drop Marking the UAE’s Golden Jubilee Year’ and WORLD PREMIERE OF DAUGHTERS OF THE WIND OVERTURE AT DUBAI OPERA – POSTPONED


“Unfortunately due to the recent announcement on the new Government regulations that requires all performers and all audience members to have had a covid19 vaccine, which we can not guarantee at such short notice, we unfortunately can not go ahead with the private World Premiere performance of Daughters of the Wind Overture at Dubai Opera on 1st June and we sadly have to postpone this event until Autumn 2021. We apologise for the inconvenience but do hope you will understand this was not within our control.”

Best wishes Pietra and Ella

Please stay connected and we will be in touch when we have further news on the rescheduled date


Sisters Grimm’s first live theatrical spectacle in the region featuring co-founder former Royal Ballet ballerina Pietra De Mello-Pittman MBE and the soaring vocals of and lyrical prowess of DB Gad and Madyan Hamza in a uniquely curated spectacle marking the first unveiling of ‘50 for 50’, a fine art series by Grammy nominated, co-founder of Sisters Grimm, Ella Spira MBE honouring the UAE’s Golden Jubilee year in an emotional journey through 50 paintings of the UAE’s stunning natural landscapes.

The DAUGHTERS OF THE WIND OVERTURE story takes place in a coastal desert setting where we are introduced to our protagonist, an Emirati woman and her horse as she strives to make a difference in the world for future generations. The work depicts the story of the land, where not only has it been transformed by industry but where inspiration from the natural surroundings has brought us together to embrace a future of collaboration and community. The UAE is a home to all and it opens its arms wide to embrace and welcome the world.

The majority of the proceeds from the NFT drop and 50 for 50 series sale will go into the Pietra & Ella Theatre Production Shows L.L.C UAE company developing a Performing Arts Programme and other arts initiatives for young people in the region. This runs in parallel to their new Arab World musical show that will have a UAE residency, a world tour and a film musical, giving a voice to the culture globally and building bridges between nations. The lasting impact being to create a meaningful ecosystem, offering opportunities and contributing to the overall growth and legacy of the creative industry in the region.

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An artists exploration of the Emirates

The paintings and NFT drop are the result of the exploration and discovery of each emirate through the artist’s eyes, but more importantly these paintings have a life and soul infused by Spira’s ability to inject her passion and love into the paintings.
The natural beauty of the UAE, which is perhaps less known, is in Spira’s opinion what adds the magic and really is the UAE’s backbone, beautifully juxtaposing the modernity achieved for the region. “It’s what has informed the past and present and will continue to inform the future”. In a world of fast paced technological advancements, nature connects us all be it looking up at the stars, the sea, or our interaction with animals. It’s our relationship to nature and to each other that grounds us.

About Ella Louvaine Spira (MBE)

Ella Louvaine Spira MBE is a London & Dubai based Grammy nominated composer, theatre producer and painter. Spira was born and raised in Gloucester, England and has dedicated her life to cross-cultural, multi disciplinary, global collaborations spotlighting and celebrating different cultures through the arts which has seen her work and those cultures be celebrated by millions all over the world.

Recognised as an internationalist, Spira believes the impact that the arts can have on society should never be undervalued. It allows people to make sense of their emotions in a space they often don’t give themselves. In these dark and difficult times for live experiences we mustn’t lose sight of how the arts have the ability to join people together.

To write about what she does and has achieved would be a book, but there are Grammy nominations, award winning world touring live theatre productions, millions of You Tube hits, a Golden Jubilee Fine Art exhibition and now an exclusive NFT drop.