Pietra Mello-Pittman A.R.A.D. was born in Rio de Janeiro to a Brazilian mother and English father. Growing up in England she trained in both Ice skating and Ballet to the point at which Pietra had to chose her path.

Pietra was one of the rare few to win a place with the Royal Ballet Company after entering full time ballet training, with the Royal Ballet School, at the latest possible stage at 16 years old. She has performed all the classics, created roles in new productions and has performed all over the world with the Royal Ballet including at The Mariinsky and Bolshoi Theatres in Russia.

After winning the Ursula Morton Choreography Competition in 2001, while at the Royal Ballet School in London, Pietra started on the path to becoming a producer through her subsequent choreographies.

Passionate about cross-cultural, multi disciplinary collaborations and carrying with her, the high standards she is accustomed to from her 13 year professional life as a ballerina, Pietra retired from the Royal Ballet in 2015 to focus on producing.

“It’s at once a high-end ballet production, a live concert and a tenderly affecting performance of stunning, contemporary South African vocal music.”

– David Pollock, The Independent on INALA