Sisters Grimm has a unique ability to clash stories, cultures, music and dance, that creates a spellbinding experience for audiences, one that is appealing to all ages, demographics and to the non-traditional theatre goer. Many theatre professionals have suggested our shows could mirror the successes of Riverdance or STOMP. We have a successful track record of conceiving, producing and internationally touring award-winning shows with global appeal to sell-out crowds. Our slate of 7 culturally themed productions are at various stages of development; 2 existing and 3 shorter new productions.

  • Grammy nominated world music
  • Critically acclaimed & award winning cultural collaborations
  • World class dance disciplines
  • Innovative & inclusive
  • Socially relevant
  • Non language bound transcending language barriers
  • Accessible to a diverse multi cultural audience
  • International themes relevant to all corners of the world
  • Scalable

NO SCENERY, a small cast and a huge topic seem to be an irresistible challenge to the Sisters Grimm production company. And somehow they pull it off. There are discussions afoot for a return visit soon and I, for one, cannot wait. – Jeffery Taylor (The Express)

“A completely polished, full-pelt production that goes BEYOND EXPECTATIONS .” – Reviews Hub

“Visually impressive. An ambitious, exciting collaboration and a visual treat.”
– Barbara Bryan, Edinburgh Guide

A Massive Hit
– The Daily Telegraph

“Dynamic.” – The Guardian