Carnegie Hall Welcomes Global Landscapes Retrospective By Ella Spira MBE

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Following on the success of her immersive multimedia exhibition in Singapore, Grammy-nominated British composer, visual artist and co-founder of theatre production company Sisters Grimm, Ella Spira MBE, will open the Global Landscapes Retrospective exhibition at Carnegie Hall in New York City on the 28th March, to bring together for the first time, global paintings created in situ – South Africa, Brazil, the Gulf, Japan, Albania, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and USA – drawings and music, charting her purpose-driven work created over the last two decades.

These artworks document the riches of our natural environment, from the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest and the Atlantic Forest to the arid landscapes of the UAE, and life underwater off the coasts of Australia and Hawaii.

With the Global Landscapes Retrospective exhibition, Ella will launch a Social Impact Fund to support the causes she has advocated for throughout her career – the importance of our natural environment, youth empowerment, cross-cultural artistic collaboration, and mental health awareness. All the artwork on display will be available for sale, with all proceeds going to the Sisters Grimm Social Impact Fund.

Ella said “I am wholly committed to contributing to social change and 100% of proceeds from sales of the artworks presented at the Global Landscapes Retrospective will go into the Sisters Grimm Social Impact Fund to produce Art In Nature, Inala and Oceanography.

A drive for social inclusion is at the core of her artistic practice, which she has pursued through multicultural and multidisciplinary collaborations.

Exclusive footage from Sisters Grimm shows and music videos will chart Ella’s ongoing commitment to social impact and cultural exchange. The exhibition will present video recordings of Ella’s extensive array of collaborative projects, including Ladysmith Black Mambazo with whom she created the award-winning ‘INALA’ music score, and Egyptian singer-songwriter DB Gad who co-wrote ‘Daughters of the Wind’ with Ella.

Ella has often given young people a chance to join in her creative journey. Coming full circle 20 years after she was first given the opportunity by her music teacher, to co-write and perform a song to 1400 people aged only 14, Ella is giving back to the next generation by collaborating with two young 17-year-old, mixed heritage artists, found through an open call out to all young people in New York state, between 14 and 18 years old. The three will co-write and record a new song for her single release, with a music video that will document the special relationship and process. The music video will also feature at ‘Global Landscape Retrospective’ at Carnegie Hall on 28th and 29th March.

The Inner Landscapes of Ella, a collaboration with Singaporean photographer Rebecca Toh, will provide a personal note in the exhibition. Toh’s photographic portraits lift the veil on Spira’s innermost self to reveal a genuine and unadorned woman, opening up a conversation about our relationship with our self-image, confidence and body positivity.

Alice Black, founder of ArtULTRA and former director of Design Museum in London will be interviewing Ella at a special event to be held within the exhibition, about her influences, inspiration and intentions as an artist. She will unveil her ambitions for the Sisters Grimm Social Impact Fund.

“Ella is someone who lives in a near-constant state of ebullient creativity. Ideas fuse in her head which she channels into music, images, live performances, or exhibitions. Today, people love immersive experiences and Ella’s shows pack a punch in delivering a multifaceted spectacle that captivates audiences,” Alice commented.

Details about the exhibition:

Global Landscapes Retrospective by Ella Spira MBE

Weill Terrace Room, Carnegie Hall, New York City

28th March 2023 – Private view by invite only

29th March 2023 – Open view for registered visitors

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