Just Saying Hi Music Video Release

“Just Saying Hi” new single release

Sisters Grimm are “Just Saying Hi’ from Dubai with this new single and video made in lock down composed by Ella Spira and DB Gad and directed by Shanatu Suri. This song is a wonderful response to lockdown, and is a positive message of hope and unity during #covid19. The video is an amazing reminder that though we may be isolated, we are not alone. Sisters Grimm are famous for their culturally relevant collaborations and this is no different, celebrating the Arab world. The language may be different, but the message is the same – we are all in this together.

سیبك من اللي یقللك
حیاتك حتعیشها إزاي
ركز بس في اللي جاي
خلیك متأكد انك انت اللي تحدد یومك یمشي إزاي

Don’t listen if they tell you
No way life is going on
Just focus on what’s next
Be sure, only you create your life


“Just Saying Hi” is the brand new single and video produced by Sisters Grimm , and written by Ella Spira and DB Gad. The song, which is in response to lock down, presents a positive message of hope in this time of isolation letting people know that they aren’t alone.

You can listen and watch the music video here:

The song, which is performed in Arabic, sends a singular message of global unity, and breaks language barriers and crosses borders. We are all in this together, and “Just Saying Hi” promotes this experience across the world.

The song follows the story of a man who just wants to let the world know that they are not alone. Through this song, all he wants to do is let the world know, that though everyone is having different challenges, that they are not alone and that he is here for them. As the music video progresses, people start to sing and dance with him, symbolising togetherness.

“This song gives me a sense of perseverance, It gives me the drive to push on in the current times. I’ve never felt so connected to the world before, even though we’re not allowed to connect in traditional ways. There’s a sense of camaraderie out there right now and this song puts that into music. The driving beats and uplifting chorus create a sense of pushing on. This is what I want to get across in the video. The fact that we’re all together, without being together.” – Shantanu Suri, Director of the video.

Ella Spira and Pietra Mello-Pittman are the faces behind live performance company Sisters Grimm. Former Royal Ballet Ballerina Pietra and Grammy nominated composer Ella create performances that combine dance, music and storytelling, that portray various cultures across the world. And “Just Saying Hi” is no different. Written, filmed and produced during lockdown in Dubai, Sisters Grimm have created an honest, open and poignant response to what is currently happening in our world. Never, as a global community have we been closer, or more connected. This powerful song, and video offers something that everyone can relate to.

The song brings in various cultural elements as well as global influencers , including Ella and Pietra’s personal and creative experiences from being on lockdown in Dubai, as well as dancers from their award winning performance INALA, which takes you on a journey across Africa. The song is also co-written by Arabic song writer DB Gad, Sisters Grimm who are infamous for their culturally relevant collaborations, are proud to be embarking on a new cultural collaboration, working with Arabian song writer DB Gad, celebrating the Arab world through this new project.

‘People are anxious and concerned, this is a new situation for everyone. So much is going on right now. This song is about coming together and having this shared experience, and letting people know that they aren’t alone. Though it is written in Arabic, this global song isn’t about the lyrics, it’s about the message. Ella discusses the cultural message within the song.

Ella and Pietra have been working closely with dancers, producers and songwriters all whilst in lockdown to bring you “Just Saying Hi”.