UK Art in Nature launches in honour of 30th anniversary of Nelson Mandela inauguration

Young people across the UK encouraged to create art with submissions closing on 19th April

Follow its global successes, Grammy-nominated INALA and MBE-awarded Sisters Grimm have launched Art in Nature in the UK. The project invites UK-based children and young people under 18 to submit artworks themed around hope (it’s as easy as creating art and sending a photo); winning artworks will be featured in a groundbreaking music video released on 10th May 2024. Commemorating Nelson Mandela’s release from prison, this important and visionary project celebrates the 30th anniversary of Mandela’s inauguration as South Africa’s first black president, following the end of the Apartheid regime.

During the 27 years of Nelson Mandela’s solitary confinement, he produced numerous artworks that symbolised resilience, hope and the power of the human spirit. The UK Art in Nature project honours his legacy and his inspirational messaging that change is possible. The project aims to ignite the power of youth art and showcase the transformative potential that art can offer, giving rise to a brighter future for all.

Nelson Mandela’s grandson Ndaba Mandela comments, “I am deeply honoured to support the UK Art In Nature program, presented by Sisters Grimm and their show INALA, a Zulu ballet. The theme of ‘HOPE – unthinkable change can happen’ reflects the resilience and determination needed to overcome the challenges of Apartheid. Accepting our past enables us to move forward and remain hopeful that positive change is achievable. This project embodies my grandfather Nelson Mandela’s spirit and values, inspiring young people to create a lasting impact on the world.”

The project is a free-to-enter mass participation social impact initiative which shows that unthinkable change can happen. It aims to drive positive change hand-in-hand with nurturing emerging young talent. Children and young people can either paint UK nature as they experience it or submit a work as part of ‘your utopian vision’ where they let their imagination 2 run wild, embrace the surreal and explore the concept of coexisting with nature in perfect harmony.

All eligible entrants will receive a signed certificate of participation and have their artworks featured in an online gallery hosted by Sisters Grimm. Winning artworks will be included in the music video for a new song composed by singer and songwriter Makeda Carbon and Grammy nominated composer and painter Ella Spira MBE.

Previous iterations of Art in Nature in Australia and the UAE have garnered acclaim and amassed over 4.5 million views. This project aims to cultivate a global platform for inspired young minds to express their creativity, embracing the important messages conveyed by the project’s themes.

Key dates and information

Submissions close – 19th April 2024

Music video released – 10th May 2024


Submission details

How to participate

Children and young people can create a painting, drawing, mixed media collage, or 3D model using any medium. Photography and digital artworks are not eligible. Take a digital photo of the final piece and upload via the online form. Please submit a photo of the artwork not the child holding the artwork.

Participation in Art in Nature is free and open to all under 18s who reside in the UK. The programme encourages individuals to interpret the theme of ‘unthinkable change’ and its connection to nature. Participants are free to explore and express their boundless imagination.


The music video with the winners artwork will be launched on the Sisters Grimm YouTube channel –

Winners will also receive:

A Zoom call and Q&A with Sisters Grimm founders, Grammy nominated composer and painter Ella Spira MBE, and former Royal Ballet Ballerina and creative producer Pietra Mello-Pittman MBE.

Two tickets with a backstage tour to INALA a Zulu ballet in the West End when it relaunches:

Ella Spira

Ella Spira, the co-composer of the West End phenomenon INALA – a Zulu ballet and co-founder of Sisters Grimm, had a transformative experience as a young girl when she watched Mandela’s release and subsequent inauguration as South Africa’s president on live television, driving her to collaborate with Joseph Shabalala, the founder of Ladysmith Black Mambazo, who Mandela declared a national treasure. Their musical creation for the show INALA received a Grammy nomination in 2016.

Sisters Grimm

Sisters Grimm is a dynamic & creative arts company co-founded by two mixed-heritage, multi- cultural females; ex-Royal Ballet ballerina Pietra Mello-Pittman MBE, & Grammy nominated composer & painter Ella Spira MBE. With a combined 45 years of experience operating at the top level of the creative industry, they share a common vision to change the world through art and science. Over the past 15 years, Sisters Grimm have created original productions which have enthralled millions around the world.

The Sisters Grimm Charitable Trust was established to deliver participatory educational arts activity designed to underpin Sisters Grimm Ltd’s award-winning theatrical productions.

Sisters Grimm pave the way for young individuals globally, providing them with access to artistic activities and industry insights. Through their inclusive and empowering approach, Sisters Grimm aims to help young people discover their path and purpose, fostering mental well-being, inclusivity, and equality.